Privacy Policy

In this page it is described the managing system of the web site, according to the treatment of users’ personal data.
It deals with an informative that also refers to the Art. 13 of d.lgs n. 196/2003 – Law on protection of personal data to those that interact with the web services of the company “Valli Arredobagno Srl”, telematic usable at that is the web site home page.
The informative report is only given for the web site of the company Valli Arredobagno Srl and not also for other web sites that in case would be checked by the user through a link.
Any other web sites referred to or in which one or more links should be present as hipertext or any other form, does not belong to Valli Arredobagno Srl, but from different and clear indication, and therefore it is not referable to the treatment of personal data in the entitlement of Valli Arredobagno Srl.
The informative takes also inspiration from the Recommendation n.2/2001 that the European Authorities for the protection of personal data, gathered in the Group established by art.29 of Directive n.95/46/CE, took on 17th May 2001 to recognize some minimum requirements for the gathering of personal data on-line and in particular the ways, the times and the type of information that the owner of the treatment shall provide to the users when they connect to web pages, independently of the purpose of connection.

Following to the consultation of this web site, it is possible to treat the data related to indentified or identifiable people. The “owner” of their treatment is Valli Arredobagno Srl, whose adrresses are displayed in the contact page of this web site, in the person of the holder chosen for the fulfilment in the subject of privacy at the company’s head office.

The treatments connected to the web services of this web site take place at the head office of Valli Arredobagno Srl and are managed from skilled personnel in charge of the treatment, or from somebody entrusted of possible maintenance works. The treatments related to the surfing data take place at the host servers, under the responsibility of band and domain suppliers.
No data coming from the web services are transmitted or spread.
The personal data supplied from the users that send requests to get informative material (answers to enquiries, newsletter, atc) are used with the only aim to execute the service or the requested enquiry and are communicated to third parties only if this is necessary to do that.

A) Aim of data treatment
A1) Information and contacts

Valli Arredobagno, through its Internet web site, pursues informative aims related to the managing of its corporate and/or sales activity. The information (also about the description of the supplied services) come together with the indication of the addresses displayed in the contact page so that the same can be reached from those who relate or want to relate themselves with the Company (current and/or potential customers, suppliers, employes, etc) through traditional or technological instruments.
With referece to potential and current customers, the addresses and the information quoted on Valli Arredobagno Srl web site are placed to make contract proposals or to accept the possible proposals given by Valli Arredobagno Srl or to get a continuative relationship with the aim to get a more efficient execution of the performance, with a rising of the customer satisfaction’s level.
Contact details and info quoted in the web site are available also for suppliers or inside and outside cooperators, with the aim to make a better net relationship and contacts efficiency.
More purposes also concern the improvement of the efficiency of the web site itself, through the indication of the web master’s e-mail address among the contacts, to whom it is possible to address, voluntarily, specific communications related to the functionality and to the presence of contents of the site itself.

Navigation data
Informatic systems and software procedures put in charge of the functioning of this web site gain, during its normal running, some personal data which transimission is implicit in the use of communication protocols of Internet.
It is a matter of informations that are not gathered to be related to specific purposes, but for their own nature could, through elaborations and association with data kept by third parties, allow to identify the users. In this data category are included IP addresses or computer domains used by the users that connect themselves to the web site, the addresses in notification URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of their requests, the time of request, the method used to send the request to the server, the dimension of file got as answer, the numeric code showing the state of the answer given by the server (positive result, mistake, etc) and other parameters related to the operative system and the informatic environment of the user.
These data are used with the only aim to get anonymous statistic informations about the use of the web site and to check the proper running: they are immediately cancelled right after the elaboration.

The data could be used to control the responsibility in case of hypothetical informatic crimes against the web site: this done, data on web contacts do not persist for more than seven days.

Data volountary given from the user
The optional, explicit and volountary sending of e-mails to the addresses given on this web site involves the next acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary for answering to the requests, and any other possible personal data included in the letter.
Specific summary informative will be progressively reported or visualized in the pages of the site thought for specific custom-made services.
No personal data of the users are acquired by the web site. Neither cookies are used for transmitting personal informations, nor lasting cookies of any kind, i.e. systems to lay-out the users.
The use of section cookies (that are not constantly stored on the user’s computer and disappear at browser’s shut down) is strictly limited to the transmission of section identifiers (made of random numbers generated from the server) necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the web site. The section cookies used in this web site avoid the use of other informatic tecniques potentially damaging to the confidentiality of users’ navigation and do not allow the acquisition of personal data that identify the user.

The website used statistics cookies (Google Analytics) to collect information in aggregate form.
To provide users the ability to prevent the use of their data from Google Analytics, it developed a plugin for browser has been developed to deactivate the Analytics JavaScript:
For more information on privacy and data management of Google Analytics read:

Through the indication of the addresses put at customers and/or users’ disposal, included the e-mail address, Valli Arredobagno Srl can get to know the personal data that are sent by them. Please remember that for those data, that are already known from the person that gives them, there is in any case the exemption foreseen by art. 13, co. 2, secondo inciso, from D.Lgs 196/2003.

Apart from what sepcified for the navigation data, the user is free to provide the personal data quoted in the enquiry’s form to Valli Arredobagno Srl.
Their missing assignment can bring the impossibility to obtain what requested.
As completeness, it is necessary to remember that in some cases (not subjected to the ordinary managing of this web site) the Authority can demand news and information according to the art.157 d.lgs n.196/2003 with the purpose to check the treatment of personal data.

If the provided data should contain notable and/or legal data and the written approval should not appear, these data will be cancelled and/or destroyed from Valli Aredobagno Srl.
Valli Arredobagno can treat the personal data of the people concerned, even without an approval expressively given, as for example in case the treatment is necessary to fulfil the obligation of the law, regulations or Community law, i.e. it is necessary to fulfil obligations rising from a contract of wich the person concerned is part or to fulfil specific requests that the person concerned presents in pre-contract stage, i.e. in the further assumption according to art. 24 D.Lgs 196/2003 and in the other applicable laws. Valli Arredobagno reserves the right to cancel the data of third parties for which the necessary written approval has not been given, if required.

In any case, the approval from the person concerned, the personal data gathered directly from Valli Arredobagno and for which Valli Arredobagno is owner of the related treatment, are not used for marketing aims, to define profiles or personality of the interested person, for the shipment of advertisement materials or direct sale, nor for market research or commercial communication.

The personal data are treated with authomatic tools for the time strictly necessary to get the aims for which they have been collected. Specific safety measures are followed to prevent the loss of data, unlawful or not correct uses and not authorized accesses.
According to and due to the D. Lgs n. 56/2004 of D.M. n. 141/2006 with subject anti-money laundering measures, it is clear that the treament of personal data can take place also for the aims there foreseen.

The assignment of personal data is facultative, apart from the cases in which, where a form is present, the field for providing the data is marked with an asterisk. In this case the assignment of the data is to be considered compulsory.
It is moreover compulsory the authomatic treatment of the navigation data, of the data related to the access and to the remaining in the restricted area and of data related to the technical assistance request and of legal kind.

The missed assignment of facultative data does not jeopardize in no case the fulfilment of the sevices requested to Valli Arredobagno Srl.
Where the data assignment is compulsory, in relation with what foreseen in paragraph 5, the missing assignment of the same, or of the approval to the treatment, can determine the impossibility, from Valli Arredobagno, to supply the services or any feedback required.

The people whom the personal data refer to, have the right, at any time, to obtain the confirmation of the existence of these data and to know the content and the origin, verifying the truth or asking for integrating or updating, or rectification (art.7 of d.lgs. n. 196/2003).
According to the same article, there is the right to ask for cancellation, turning into anonymous form or block of the data treated in breaking of the law, as well as to set in any case, for proper reasons, agains their treatment.
Any effort will be done to make the functionalities of this web site as much as possible working with the process of authomatic privacy control, available in some products utilized by the users.
Considering that the state of improvement of the authomatic processes of control does not currently leave them free of mistakes and failings, it is specified that this document, published at is the “Privacy Policy” of this web site that will be subject to updating (the different versions remain con sultable at the same address).